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Starting a service-based business is hard.

No matter what kind of service you’re providing, there’s always going to be competition. You’ll see countless people who have way more experience than you, way more followers than you, and who have already positioned themselves as the expert in your industry.

How do you break into that niche? How do you get experience and find clients in the first place? As a copywriter, I know the struggle.

But a recent ice-cold pitch in my DMs got me thinking about some things service providers can do to find clients — without sounding sketchy or…

Kia kaha. Stay strong.

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The Interview

In January 2020, I had an interview at a health organisation for a job that I was more than qualified for. I say that not because I’m narcissistic, but because it was essentially the job I had been doing for the last two years in London — right down to the type of organisation (a membership-based health organisation).

The interview was going well until the CEO pulled out a printed copy of a blog I had written a few months earlier. The position involved writing, so I had sent through my blog as a sample of my passion for words…

Experimenting with standing my ground.

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Wellington, 2017: I sit beside a middle-aged man at the front of the bus who is taking up too much room. A classic case of man-spreading. I place my groceries at my feet and sit comfortably: shoulders back, hands in my lap, feet planted firmly on the ground. I am not taking up any space beyond my seat, and yet my left arm and leg are pressed against the man’s, uncomfortably close.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see him look at me. I keep my eyes forward but I can tell he’s surprised. He shifts in his…

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At the start of this year, during a period of unemployment, I worked as a writer for a content creation company. The work and pay was consistent — albeit light; the job staved off boredom and gave me a sense of purpose in a time that otherwise felt like moving through a thick fog (I had recently returned to my home country before I was ready, didn’t yet have a place to call home, and was in a pretty serious depression funk).

I worked for this company for 4 months before finally managing to land a full-time job and a…

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After Cory Monteith died on 13 July 2013, Glee aired a special tribute episode to the actor and his character, Finn Hudson. The episode is probably the show’s most genuine and moving, in large part because the cast and crew were in mourning at the same time as their characters.

The scene from that episode that still haunts me is Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez singing If I Die Young.

“If I die young / bury me in satin / lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn / send me away with the…

Chelsea Plowman

New Zealand based copywriter, editor, and cat cuddler.

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